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Guide to Ingredients

Here’s a guide to some of the less common ingredients used in some of my recipes. A little information on what they are and where you should be able to buy them.

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How Eating Has Evolved

Studying the psychology of eating has made me think that maybe we need to go back to basics on our relationship with food.

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Coconut Oil

Coconut Oil – Is It Good For Us?

The presence of coconut oil in recipes and many other natural remedies is on the rise. I have just read in the paper that UK sales of coconut oil have risen from around £1m to £16.4m over the last four years. But is it actually good for us?

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Wheat Field

Oats and Gluten

A lovely friend of mine dropped in a recipe book for me today and I have just sat down to have a browse. There before my eyes were the words: ‘While oats, rye, and barley are all highly nutritious grains in their own right, they do contain gluten.’

Shock, horror! Oats containing gluten?

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Linseed Binding Agent

A Vegan Binding Agent

While making my chickpea patties the other day, I discovered this great binding agent that is suitable for vegans and is a healthy addition to any dish.

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