Mindful Merriment!

Mindful Merriment!
Gotta love Christmas! All the good stuff, family, friends, fun and food. But quite often the food part can be a challenge. The thought of having to cater for all the various gatherings ahead of the day, not to mention on the day itself, can be quite stressful, and the prospect of being constantly served up roast dinners of one kind or another and spending a month surrounded by fat filled snacks and sugar can fill us with dread.
Maybe a dose of mindfulness can help….

The key to being mindful with your eating and drinking is to slow down a little and engage all the senses – what better time to do this than at Christmas with all those yummy aromas around? By savouring these flavours, smells and textures we can not only truly enjoy them, but we are probably less likely to overindulge and feel stuffed afterwards.

The other thing to think about is to perhaps be a little kinder to yourself. If you do have what you consider to be too many choccies or overdo the booze, it makes it worse if you beat yourself up about it afterwards. Empower yourself to make the food choices your body wants without guilt. If you crave the cake – have the cake!

When it comes to putting the food on the table try to use the preparation and cooking as an opportunity to be present. How often is it you get time off to focus on a bit of cooking or food prep? It can be quite therapeutic- honest! Make an occasion of the preparation at least once and maybe indulge yourself in what you want to cook as well as what the season and family demand. Homemade food is both delicious and nurturing, if you don’t normally get the chance to do some home cooking, maybe put some of your holiday time aside to do it – avoid pressure by not announcing it, take the time for yourself and if it turns out well, enjoy the sharing!


In a nutshell (there should be plenty around), the way to survive is to maintain awareness and self care. Be aware that this time of year is likely to be taxing in someway and honour your health and happiness.
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