Sweet and Spice Couscous

Sweet and Spice Couscous

This is a great accompaniment to my veggie tagine and can be eaten cold the next day for lunch with a colourful salad.

Sweet and Spice Couscous. Vegan.

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Serves: 6


  • 680g Plain Couscous
  • 750 ml Hot veg stock
  • 1 heaped tsp of Ras Al Hanout
  • 50g Soaked sultanas
  • Either 50g toasted flaked almonds, or 50g pomegranate seeds to serve
  • Olive Oil


Soak your sultanas in hot water for about half an hour before using and stir a little olive oil through the grains prior to pouring over the stock to keep the grains separate.

Place your dry couscous in a bowl and shake over the heaped teaspoon of Ras Al Hanout.

When ready, drain your sultanas and mix them in also. Pour over the hot stock and leave to stand with a plate on the top of the bowl or a lid for 10 minutes. When 10 minutes has passed lift then lid off and mix through with a fork, the grains should be light and fluffy. Taste to make sure the water has cooked the grains through and serve with almonds or pomegranate seeds sprinkled on top.

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