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4 Tips To Get Your Self-Care Back On Track

2020 has been an odd year.

It has wreaked havoc on our sense of stability and thrown a curveball in everyone’s routine. 

Routine acts of self-care, like movement, feeding ourselves with nourishing food and tending to our emotional needs, helps us to manage anxiety, feel energised and continue to be able to give of ourselves to family and friends.

Having to stay at home, cut off from the things that might have featured in our self-care routine previously, like going to the gym, connecting with friends over a cuppa and walking in nature, has left many of us a little bit lost.

If this sounds like you, then these ideas might just encourage you to break out of your temporary funk and get into some regular energising, anxiety-relieving habits again to lift your spirits – or raise your vibration as I like to say.

  • Start small. To motivate yourself it really helps to experience success and feel the warm glow that you get from having done something for yourself. Avoid the temptation to go from zero to three workouts a week or meditating for 20 minutes after a break. 10-minute sessions is all you need. Start small and know that it is enough.
  • Get an accountability buddy. Lots of us are feeling stuck at the moment, so there is no doubt that one of your friends will be struggling too and it’s good to connect. Set a challenge and share your progress. Remotely or in person.
  • Plan. It’s a fact that you’re far more likely to carry something out if you have decided exactly when, where, and how it will take place. You have to make decisions on the spot every week at work, for the family and for numerous other things. If you plan to make time for your health, it’s one less decision to have to make on the spot.
  • Create a list. What are you comfortable with doing in this moment? If you don’t want to venture to the gym, what are you happy to do? Give consideration to the things that might  enhance your mood in those moments when you might be feeling low and create a list.

Importantly, try and focus on the now rather than looking to the past or projecting forward. We are in a huge period of adjustment, so be kind to yourself and just do what you can.

Need any motivation? Give me a shout in the comments and I’ll spur you along.

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