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5 Acts of Self-Care You Can Carry Out in 10 Minutes

Do you have little acts of self-care that you carry out for yourself regularly?

Those little things that allow you to check in with yourself, get you to a calm state of mind and feel more empowered to deal with whatever life has to throw at you?

These are the things that really have the power to make us great, and yet very often, they are also the things that we tend to drop the ball on when life gets busy.

The dropping the ball bit can very often be tied up with things like self-worth, guilt and other stories, particularly among women. When things start to get busy because of family, work or other things that pull on us we tend to make sacrifices in our self-care routine easily, quite often to our detriment.

This saddens me because routine self-care is powerful. It helps us to avoid overwhelm, manage anxiety, improve our mood and to give of ourselves. When we are attending to our own needs, we are so much more capable of being there for others.

Here are five acts of self-care, each that you can fit into ten minutes or less:

  • Use your breath: Inhale deeply, hold your breath for a count of three and exhale for a count of five. Repeat a few times.
  • Empty your mind on to paper before bed. Write down all your thoughts, to dos and fears so that you don’t take them to bed and you can deal with them tomorrow.
  • Look out of the window or up to the sky, or better still, go outside and focus on something outside of yourself and your mind, quietly.
  • Stretch your body in a way that you enjoy
  • Close your eyes and say to yourself: I am whole, I am strong, I am worthy, I am love.

The little things count. Even the smallest of acts of self-care can make us feel a whole lot better.

I talk about this a whole lot more in my new membership programme and the linked app has lots of suggestions for acts of self-care that you can fit into just 10 minutes and more.

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