Peanut and banana overnight oats The Mindful Cook

The Best Nut Butter & Banana Overnight Oats

This really is a DELICIOUS overnight oats recipe. Starting the day with an overnight oats recipe like this one provides you with a dose of complex carbs alongside a helping of protein to give your body all the energy it needs, and if you top it with some berries you’ll be getting a good dose of extra nutrients to boot.

As I mention in my other overnight oats recipes (check out the breakfast recipes for these) choose your oats wisely. The oats you choose have an impact on your blood sugars. Unfortunately, for those of you who like the instant variety that you just add water to, the truth is they are the low end of the healthy scale. They are more processed & contain less fibre which means they are digested quicker & raise blood sugar quickly. Better choices are jumbo oats, Irish oats, stoneground oatmeal & rolled oats. Bottom line is, the right oats keep you fuller longer, are packed with minerals and fibre. Enjoy!

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