The Mindful Cook Plum Crumble

Best Plum Crumble Recipe (ever)

Well, I think it is. A slightly healthier take but no less indulgent. Vegan and gluten free too, so jump in.

In this recipe I stew the plums a little with some gorgeous spices before popping them into the dish ready for the crumble topping. This allows the spicy flavours infuse. I used a couple of star anise in a muslin bag, Madagascan vanilla pod and cinnamon, and I also added the zest of half an orange. It’s sweetened gently with coconut sugar. Coconut sugar has a lovely treacly depth of flavour, perfect for plums.

The topping is delicious. If you like your crumble crunchy, then this is for you. It is similar to my granola recipe and the trick is to bake it off a little first to get it nice and crunchy.

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