Category: Breakfast

Happy Hormone Smoothie

This delicious smoothie supports hormonal health – hence me calling it the happy hormone smoothie! It contains Maca powder – Maca is an adaptogen herb and a rich source of nutrients, including 20 different amino acids and a variety of antioxidants. This smoothie also contains raw cacao powder which is a nutrient POWERHOUSE so you […]

Turmeric Latte

I tried making this Turmeric Latte for the first time in a period of abstinence from alcohol (I needed to make it interesting!) I fell in love. Turmeric is one of the most extensively researched spices we have and according to many sources, it can help in cancer prevention and a host of other health […]

Apple Overnight Oats

Another addition to the overnight oats recipe collection! These apple overnight oats are comforting and a little spicy. An important note on oats: The oats you choose have an impact on your blood sugars. Unfortunately, the instant variety that you just add water to are more processed and contain less fibre, meaning they are digested […]

Quinoa Porridge

According to many sources, quinoa stands out for its nutrient density; it is naturally high in protein containing plentiful amounts of amino acids (the building blocks of protein); high in fibre and a good source of minerals and vitamins (particularly folate). So if you want to get a good start to your mornings, this is […]