Category: Sweet Somethings

Raw Carrot Cake

This raw carrot cake tastes exactly like the baked variety and is a knock-out dessert! You almost can’t tell that it’s raw! Walnuts are said to be the healthiest nuts. The form of Vitamin E in walnuts is great for heart health and when eaten whole with the skins they are hugely nutritious. The fact […]

Maca Brownies

These Maca brownies are a super healthy treat. Maca is an ‘adaptogen’ herb. Adaptogens are unique plant herbs, so called because they are thought to adapt to the body and have the ability to regulate and support your adrenal system. Maca is said to promote energy levels and enhance mood and has also been rumoured to […]

Raw Cherry Tart

This summery tart is full of good stuff and is perfect for for a summer dinner party, or eating Al Fresco. It is un-baked so all the ingredients retain their nutritious properties.  You can swap up the berries you use according to the season and availability. The recipe makes about 12 slices in a round springform […]

Wild at Heart Tart

I produced this recipe for the 2018 February Food and Well-being retreat.  The theme was self-love 🙂 It’s a raw berry tart called ‘wild at heart’ because it contains wild berries that I picked and froze from last summer, but you can use just about any berries. Just be aware that blueberries will bring about […]