Healthy Mind, Healthy Body Course, Community and Group Coaching Programme.

A course, community and group coaching programme to get you focused on your self-care. With specific attention to nutrition and emotional health. Join, feel connected and get the knowledge, encouragement, motivation and support you need to truly THRIVE.

This is an online course, member community and group coaching programme offering:

  • A comprehensive 6-part learning programme with beautifully presented worksheets, meal planners, recipes and much more.
  • Group coaching with me, Josie Buck.
  • Online events: live cook along sessions monthly, guest speakers and activities.
  • A library of exclusive resources (movement videos, guided meditations) and discounts on food and well-being brands
  • A linked smartphone app to plan and track your self-care activities.

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Learn how to harness the power of nourishing nutrition and emotional well-being to become your healthiest, happiest self. This course, community and group coaching programme is focused on creating routine rituals of self-care, with specific emphasis on nutrition and emotional health.

This is what is in store when you join the programme:

A 6 module online learning programme covering:

  1. Creating Routine Self-Care Rituals
  2. Nourishing Nutrition
  3. Emotional Health
  4. Planning, creating and enjoying nourishing food.
  5. Feeling good in your skin.
  6. Raising your vibration

All with beautifully crafted videos, worksheets, planners, frameworks and recipes for you to indulge yourself in. This is a living, breathing course. Regularly updated with new content. The best bit….

When you enrol you will become part of an enriching community of women and a programme offering:

Group coaching with me every other week.

An open invite to some fantastic guest sessions with a stellar cast of inspiring female speakers.

Access to live cook along events that are fun and educational.

There will be inspiration, accountability and community! The programme beings the magic and the vibe of the retreats to the online space and there is so much on offer for you to enrich your wellbeing.

This will be your space. The place where you come to honour your health and well-being. The place where you can be among like minded souls, nourish your cells and nurture your emotional health.

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