The Non-Diet Method – Starts again Sept 2022.

Dramatically improve your nutrition, enhance your metabolic health, increase your energy levels and power up your body confidence with this transformational 8-week combined nutrition and mindset programme. Take back the joy in eating well and practising lifestyle habits that care for your emotional health.

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You’ll learn how to eat in a way that supports hormonal health and helps you to glow from the inside out, how to move your body for strength and metabolic health, and how to value yourself again, free from the constraints of diet culture.

This programme is designed for women who want to break free from the grips of diet culture and learn sustainable eating, mindset and movement practices that are enjoyable and effective. Everything in this programme is rooted in nutritional science and the psychology of eating.


Feedback from women on the programme:

I’ve slept really well, had less mood fluctuations and generally feel calmer than I ever have. I’ve felt positive and even lost some weight which has been a great start in my journey. Tracy

My go to jeans have been a little loose on me lately (woohoo) so this morning as I’m going into the office to meet colleagues I thought I’d sift through to the back of the wardrobe and see if any of my pre pandemic fit. And they do!!!!

I worked remotely all the way through and piled on the weight due to a terrible diet. I went up at least 2 dress sizes (possibly 3) but managed to lose some of that when the world opened up, although have been at 1 higher for a while. The fit is so much nicer and has given me a lovely little boost when I was having a rubbish week, because technically I have a brand new wardrobe of clothes to wear. Lisa

I love love LOVE this programme. Not only am I unlearning loads of bad habits but I’m embracing things I love – cooking, eating, feeling good Lucy


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