Overcome Emotional Eating


Overcome Emotional Eating is an online masterclass in understanding and dealing with emotional eating. It provides you with a simple, structured framework to explore how your emotions affect your behaviour around food and teaches you some simple and incredibly effective tools to overcome your challenges. Full details below.

“The videos are great, the content really informative and the strategies and toolkits are incredible”. (Kirstee, course student)

The course is priced at just £67 for the 3 module programme.


Emotional eating is something that affects many people in different ways. Luckily, there are tried and tested methods to build your emotional resilience and manage any unwanted behaviour that you might have around food.

Overcome Emotional Eating, is designed to help you to explore your relationship with food, identify any areas where you might be struggling, and show you how to change things so that you can feel happier in yourself and more in control of your behaviour around food.

In the course, I teach you methods that I have learned and adapted from my study of eating psychology and cognitive behavioural therapy. These methods are widely and successfully used in helping people to improve their relationship with food, and to feel better in themselves generally.

The course provides you with knowledge about how emotions can affect the way we eat. It gives you a simple, structured framework (with interactive worksheets) to explore and understand how your own emotions affect your behaviour around food and teaches you simple and incredibly effective tools to overcome any challenges you have in this area.

This is one of a series of short courses known as my masterclass series – a series of self-paced online courses.


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