Truly Nourished – Conversation, yoga/breathwork and nourishing nutrition sessions with Robyn Silverton and The Mindful Cook.


Learn how to truly nourish yourself in this 4-part (around 90 minutes) online video and audio experience with Holistic Health specialist, Robyn Silverton and The Mindful Cook. 

Robyn, a Holistic Health specialist and Josie, a food and eating psychology coach, will explore with you what it means to be truly nourished through conversation, a yoga and breathwork class, and a nourishing kitchen session that will result in a nutritious and delicious homemade lunch, and a relaxation session to complete the experience.

The offering is a downloadable video and sound file series with a recipe and guide to creating nourish bowls. You will get to sit in on a chat between Josie and Robyn where they share their individual insights into the relationship we have with food. Step on to the mat with Robyn in a revitalising yoga and breathwork class, and then drift into a nourishing kitchen with Josie where you will get to talk nutrition and be invited to create a beautiful nourishing meal for yourself so you end the sessions feeling truly nourished and energised.

If you want to join the dots between your digestive health and your physical and emotional well-being, then this is for you. More details below.


This is a 4 part video and audio offering from Holistic Health specialist, Robyn Silverton and Josie Buck, The Mindful Cook.

The series features conversation, a revitalising yoga and breathwork session with Robyn, a nourishing nutrition and food session with Josie, and a relaxation session. All exploring the theme of nourishment.

To begin, we discuss common concerns around our relationship with food and how we can make more intuitive and informed choices rather than follow fads. We will explore the topics of nourishing nutrition, and how we can best nourish ourselves, body and mind.

Moving on from that session, Robyn will lead a yoga sequence, breath practice and relaxation to fully support your digestive organs and reduce stress.

Finally, Josie will invite you into the kitchen to share her guidance on nourishing nutrition and you will be able to join her in creating the ultimate nourish bowl summer salad and fresh dressing. You will get a beautiful downloadable guide to creating nourish bowls and a recipe for the dish so you can create them at home anytime.

It is our hope that you will leave the experience with a more open body, calmer mind, a delicious homemade meal, and hopefully a big smile on your face!

This collaboration has been designed for you to take it as a whole event, which is around 90 minutes. But you can take it at your own pace, breaking it up into individual sessions if that works better for you.

Most importantly, this is an opportunity to celebrate the good, explore what nourishment means to you and reset any unhealthy habits or thoughts that have crept in whilst being more at home.

Your hosts:

Robyn Silverton:

My background as a chartered physiotherapist gives me a wonderful foundation in the science of the human body, and has served as a vital launchpad for all the holistic disciplines I have gone on to explore. Years of subsequent training in acupuncture, myofascial release, energy integration, six sensory intuition and DRU yoga have all shaped how I work with people today – an inherently holistic approach that addresses every level of a client’s being.

Josie Buck:

I am a food and eating psychology coach. I offer safe and supportive advice to women who are ready to change the way they relate to food and their bodies. My training in eating psychology and applied nutrition allows me to teach women how to combine emotional health and nourishing nutrition to feel so much better in themselves.

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