The Mindful Cook Sweet Potato Falafels

Sweet Potato Falafels

I absolutely love falafels, they are full of fibre and taste amazing! These sweet potato falafels feature one of nature’s unsurpassed sources of beta-carotene (Vitamin A). Recent research has shown that a minimum of 3-5 grams of fat per meal significantly increases our uptake of beta-carotene from sweet potatoes. This recipe uses Olive oil which is a great source of Omega-3 fatty acid, or throw on some avocado with the salad, perfect to help the absorption.

3 thoughts on “Sweet Potato Falafels

  1. Reni Landor

    Hi Jodie, cannot find gram flour in local shops – can you suggest a substitute please? Thanks!

    1. Josie Buck Post author

      Hi there Reni. I use the KTC Gram flour that is readily available in Sainsburys and Tesco. The truth is, I haven’t used a different flour other than chickpea flour for this recipe. You could try a wholemeal plain flour perhaps or an oat flour. If you do try this, I’d be interested to hear the results so please do share. Josie x


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