Some of the lovely feedback that I have had from people I’ve worked with:

On Coaching & my Online Course:

“I would completely recommend this course to anyone who’s hit a brick wall when it comes to diets and weight loss.  Josie is so incredibly nurturing and is committed fully to helping you to overcome your personal barriers to getting healthy. The work I’ve done through this course is invaluable, it has benefited not only my health but the way I am in all walks of life. I am healthier, happier more confident and truly optimistic about reaching my ultimate health goals. Each module is both simple, effective and amazingly supported by Josie and the community she has created. It’s one of the best decisions I’ve made and one of the easiest to recommend. You too will be saying this in 8 weeks time! Get on it!”

“In a world full of misleading and confusing information on health, eating and diets, there is this gem called Josie Buck aka The Mindful Cook. Josie is supportive, kind and knowledgeable. If you want to change your relationship with food then this is your girl!”

“The Healthy Mind, Healthy Body programme has changed my eating habits and improved my well-being. I’ve previously been on diets and although they worked, I soon put on more weight when I stopped the diet. This programme is very different and so easy to get into, with well-structured notes, worksheets and Josie’s support I have been able to see where I was going wrong previously and make changes that have improved my health. Being part of this community you have an opportunity to make yourself accountable by posting in the Facebook group. I have found this so helpful. I am so grateful to have found Josie and this course, it has been life-changing.”

“I feel so much happier, it is and will continue to be a voyage of self-discovery.  My mindset has completely changed with the information and tools I now have in my armoury.  I now understand how to nourish my mind body and spirit.  I am more rational and less self-deprecating, more open and balanced in my thinking around food and so much less obsessive.  This feels like a new way of life.”

When it comes to food, your module on nutrition has had the most profound effect. It’s taken a while, but I’ve changed my shopping and eating habits and these now feel natural choices as opposed to being forced. The overall effect of this is that I have far more energy and focus than I had before.

I  can’t recommend Josie’s course more. The modules are packed full of useful, clear information and it’s possible to work through at your own pace. The Facebook group creates a supportive community of fellow students with frequent input and video coaching sessions from Josie keeping us all going and motivated. I found that the course unites and interests a diverse group of likeminded people who feel linked together despite geographical distance. It’s a very good value course and is a life changer.

On retreats:

“Josie, you are an amazing person and totally dedicated to helping others understand our relationship with food and our mindset. You are an inspiration to all!!”

“What a lovely weekend has such a fun time with like-minded people. Josie was a fantastic host and cook. We laughed and cried and I for one met some lovely new people who have now become friends”

“You Rock! You have changed my life and continue to help shape a happier future. Thanks so much for being amazingly true!”

“I had the most fantastic time at this retreat – it was relaxing but we packed loads in! Josie is a brilliant cook and her passion and love are in everything she does – I highly recommend this course as an enriching and inspirational experience”

“I have had an excellent weekend with a fabulous host and a group of really amazing ladies. We all bonded so well, shared stories and laughed lots.”

“Josie is amazing and super helpful. She thought up and put together a really fun and interactive weekend. Her passion for good food and cooking is exceptionally apparent and she is without a shadow of a doubt a very inspirational lady.”

“I’ve loved every moment! Great location, amazing food and wonderful people. Thank you!”