Hello! I’m Josie, The Mindful Cook. Welcome to the site!

In 2016 my life-long passion for food was the driving force behind a radical career change.  I left my corporate job to pursue my love of food & cooking. I started out as a cook at a well-being retreat for women in Norfolk, creating healthy recipes and menus for guests. Numerous conversations around the table with women about their health, weight and relationship with food led me to realise that there is a  need for people to learn an alternative route to health and happiness than the diet industry can provide, and to teach people that you can be healthy without sacrificing the enjoyment of great tasting food.

During my time there, I studied for my diploma in Eating Psychology, and started my study of applied nutrition. The Mindful Cook was launched in October 2017 and I now run food and well-being retreats, offer one-to-one food and lifestyle coaching.

We live in a very busy world where we are bombarded with different, often conflicting,  messages about what we should be eating. The advancement of thinking on the subject of nutrition and food, the variety of ingredients available, along with the myriad of new diets, exercise regimens and lifestyle fads is completely confusing! Now we are having to consider ‘paleo’, ‘clean’, ‘atkins’, ‘alkaline’, the list goes on and on. Food fads and diets are very much part of mainstream culture these days.

This culture isn’t helping people to develop healthier relationships with their bodies and food in the long term and it is  failing to provide people with the basic nutritional knowledge they need to make good food choices. This is why I decided to complement my love of cooking with a study of eating psychology and applied nutrition so I can really help people in this  area.


  • INSPIRING people to create healthy food that is both interesting and delicious by developing and sharing recipes based on health and well-being – cellular level nutrition over dieting!
  • SUPPORTING people who want to positively influence their relationship with food and improve their eating mindset through one to one coaching.
  • SHARING my knowledge of how to vastly improve your well-being with simple food and lifestyle changes.

I have worked with many people with very varied dietary requirements, specifically those have made a decision to cut out wheat, dairy or animal products. It has therefore been my job to create many gluten free, dairy free and vegan dishes that are balanced and nutritious. I personally eat fish and you will find what I consider to be healthy meat and fish dishes in among many vegetarian options.

Everyone should be able to enjoy making and eating at least one recipe of mine!

I have a diploma in Eating Psychology, accredited by the CMA, am a Silver member of the International Alliance of Holistic Practitioners and am studying applied nutrition with the Sano School of Culinary Medicine.

I look forward to working with you! The Mindful Cook