Restoring your energy, reclaiming your health and resetting your relationship with food starts here. 

In this free coaching series you'll learn how to:
✔️ Support the health of your metabolism and conquer fatigue ✔️Regulate your nervous system✔️Better manage cravings✔️Get off the diet treadmill ✔️Develop lasting changes in your relationship with food that will positively impact you for years to come.

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In this free four stage coaching series, you'll learn

  • Exactly why 95% of weightloss diets don't work
  • How to balance nutrients for healthy hormones, blood sugar balance and more energy
  • The role that stress plays in weight management and how to manage stress effectively 
  • How to create real self-care habits that are hugely beneficial and easy to fit into your busy lifestyle
  • An introduction to the method that helped Gill reverse her pre-diabetes diagnosis and Ruth to lose 10kgs and keep the weight off.

Hi I'm Josie, a certified food and eating psychology coach with a passion for helping women to build a healthier and more positive relationship with food. 

Food and eating psychology coaching is an approach to nutrition that is founded on evidence-based nutrition practices and also acknowledges that your relationship with food is intricately linked to your emotions, thoughts, and experiences. This coaching series will teach you skills that will set you on a path to freedom from diet cycling, understanding how to use food and other measures to regain your energy and start to heal your relationship with food.

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 4 Life-Changing Lessons in Real Self Care.

In this free coaching series you'll get access to a series of four videos each with an invite to take up a challenge showing you exactly how to put the learning to work in your life with ease - so that you feel more confident in your food choices, more energised in your body and calmer in your mind. Training is bitesize, you can watch it at any time and challenges are simple and fun.


Learn how rejecting diet culture can support you in feeling more energised, happier and body confident.


Learn how to balance macro nutrients to support healthy hormone function, balance blood sugars and manage your cravings.


Learn the effect that stress has on your blood sugars and body composition and the lifestyle measures you can take to de-stress.


Learn how thinking in terms of adding nutrients, rather than taking away calories can help to repair your cells and fire up your metabolism.

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