I’m a food and eating psychology coach and founder of The Mindful Cook. Welcome!

Here, you will find online courses, programmes, articles and events designed to help you to transform your relationship with food and your body.

I believe that we can learn to disconnect with diet culture, and discover ways to truly enjoy food, and feel happier in our bodies – it all starts here!


In a world full of misleading and confusing information on health, eating and diets, there is this gem called Josie Buck aka The Mindful Cook. Josie is supportive, kind and knowledgable. If you want to change your relationship with food then this is your girl!”


Online Course: Overcome Emotional Eating

Break the cycle of emotional eating and discover a balanced and healthy relationship with food.


Online Course: Nutritionally Balanced Dinners Made Simple

All the knowledge and guidance you need to serve up healthy, balanced meals every night of the week, and stock your freezer with ease.



Dramatically improve your nutrition, enhance your metabolic health, increase your energy levels and power up your body confidence with this transformational 9-week nutrition and lifestyle programme.


Food and Well-being Retreats

Award-winning weekend residential retreats. Glide into the following week feeling Zen and ready to unleash your healthy kitchen goddess!


The Mindful Cook Chocolate Making Kit

Chocolate Making Kit

Nutritious and delicious chocolate – fun for all ages!


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