Join the FREE workshop: Mastering your Metabolism: Secrets for restoring your energy and sustainable weight management.

LIVE on Thursday 9th May 2024 at 7.00pm

Overwhelmed by all the information out there about what to eat for energy, weight management and hormone balance?

Tired of the diet treadmill and want to understand how to feel more energised and able to manage your weight naturally and sustainably?

Then, this free workshop is for you. Here's what you'll learn:

  • The surprising truths about the foods that are likely to be messing with your energy levels and making it difficult for you to manage your weight.

  • The what, why and how of metabolic health, hormone balance and the role that plays¬†in how energised you feel and how well you're able to manage your weight.

  • Actionable strategies to help you to feel more energised, better able to regulate your mood and manage your weight in a sustainable way.

    Reserve your spot today!! A recording of the session will be shared with you after the event.

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Are you ready to make a breakthrough in your relationship with food? 

You're in the right place.

Your body thrives on stability, nourishment and a calm nervous system ‚Äď none of which are achieved by dieting. Your hormones control how your body burns and stores fat, not calories, so it makes sense that you should do what you can to work in harmony with your hormones, rather than working against them by restricting food.

No more guilt, overwhelm or calorie counting, this session will explain the value of evidence-based nutrition and REAL self-care practices in the quest to feel more energised, less tired more able to manage your weight with ease.


Meet your coach


Are you fed up with diets and calorie counting and not seeing the results you want? Do you want to feel better around food and enjoy the peace of mind you get from knowing that you are nourishing yourself for energy and health? Read on!

I'm Josie, Food and Eating Psychology Coach and founder of The Mindful Cook. I help savvy women, like you, to get off the diet treadmill once and for all and learn how to harness evidence-based practices that support you in feeling more energised, calmer and happier in your body.

I struggled with my relationship with food and my body for many years; diet culture passed down through generations; a stressful and busy career that left little time for nourishment; being led astray by weight loss diets thinking I was doing all the right things. Along my path to healing my own relationship with food I have learned valuable lessons that I'd be thrilled to share with you.

What if, instead of restriction and willpower, you could learn to nourish your body in a way that works in harmony with your hormones and metabolism and supports lasting health and weight management? That's exactly what you'll get insight into in this session.





Six clear and fully supported steps to transforming your relationship with food....

Step 1: Mindful awareness around food and your body 

Break free from patterns of behavior around food that are keeping you stuck. Learn how to tune in to your natural hunger and fullness cues and use a deeper level of connection to support you in eating more intuitively.

Step 2: Breaking your overnight fast to support metabolic health

Learn how to design your breakfast so that you feel more energised, less tired and fuller throughout the day.

Step 3: Regulating your nervous system

Understand how stress impacts your digestion, body composition and appetite and learn valuable techniques that will help you to improve your digestion and shift stubborn weight.

Step 4: Balance your blood sugars

Learn to design your meals in a way that helps you to naturally manage your cravings, experience better moods and less likely to experience slumps in your energy levels.

Step 5: The value of planning, preparation and your overnight fast.

Fed up of the stress of deciding what's for dinner? This will help you get it sorted - in many ways!

Step 6: Supporting the health of your cells for metabolic health.

Tricks and ideas to help you add to your energy levels, add to your body's natural ability to defend you against bugs and increase your metabolic health by adding to your diet - not taking away!

Unleash your potential with The Non-Diet Method ‚Äď where evidence-based nutrition and REAL self-care practices redefine your relationship with food.¬†

The Non Diet Method


Easy to understand nutrition, simple, delicious food designed to balance blood sugars, reduce inflammation in the body and promote healthy hormone function - all of which will help you to increase your energy levels, boost your mood and maintain a healthy weight. The food in this programme is delicious! 

There are over 150 flavour packed recipes, and nutrition guides explained in language you will understand.


Unwanted food habits can hold you back from your wellness goals. This program provides you with the tools and strategies to identify and break with unwanted patterns of behaviour around food. Whether it's emotional eating or mindless snacking, you'll gain insight into the underlying triggers and be encouraged to develop healthier ways to cope and respond. You got this!


You’ll get a better understanding of the relationship between  your nervous system and your metabolism and the role that stress hormones play in weight management. We spend time exploring these aspects of your health and allow you time to establish self-care practices that can support you in calming and regulating your nervous system


What women are saying about the programme...


Client Results




"I feel I’ve learned so much from meeting Josie at a retreat when I desperately needed nourishment, to joining the Non-Diet Method. I am now the queen of batch cooking; I’ve learned to eat when I need to and listen to my body, rather than the clock and I chuck extra veg, lentils and beans in just about everything. I’m even growing spinach! Importantly though I’m no longer pre-diabetic and keep my blood sugar well within the ‘normal’ range".



"I've slept really well, had less mood fluctuations and generally feel calmer than I ever have. I've felt positive and even lost some weight which has been a great start in my journey".


"Thank you so much for all your education, help and support. I feel like I’ve learned a lot from the programme abut food, nutrition, and myself! I’ve also lost 10kgs since starting the programme, and am more or less managing to maintain that, despite being tempted to eat a bit more comfort food over the colder months".

Everything you need to take back your power around food and prioritise your health....

The Non-Diet Method is a community powered programme led by a coach, which means you’ll have access to the learning for each step, you'll be coached on exactly how to put the learning to work in your life and fully supported in adapting your diet and lifestyle habits through our online community of like-minded women.

There's a schedule of live events (cooking and discussion) to help you develop your skills, get your questions answered and be encouraged, inspired and motivated to develop a well-being routine that works for you. This provides you with a much bigger chance of success and is one of the unique benefits of The Non-Diet Method.


Simple actionable steps...

6 steps over 12 weeks.

Each step focuses on one core lesson, delivered in way that is easy to understand, and one focus action to put to work in your life. You get two full weeks to experiment with each step - plenty of time to put it to work in a way that fits with your lifestyle, food preferences and metabolism.

Your nutrition is also approached meal by meal so that you have an opportunity to learn how and why we balance each meal the way we do, you have time to explore and establish staples that work with your individual needs, tastes and metabolism. 

As you progress, you'll gain invaluable insight into your relationship with food. You'll pick up nutrition knowledge that empowers you to make healthy choices. And you'll learn techniques to feel more energised, stronger, and body confident.

Support, encouragement and accountability:

This is where you'll come to be championed and to get the support you need to make taking action easy. The community helps you stay on track, share your progress, ask questions, find accountability partners, and be inspired by others' success stories. 

The live events keep you motivated and allow you to connect with other like-minded women. You'll develop new skills - like how to make nutritious, delicious meals simply  - and there are plenty of opportunities for discussion and reflection.

I walk through every step alongside you and the other members. We learn and grow together, supporting each other along the way. My guidance combined with the group's experience creates a powerful learning environment.

Resources tailored to your needs..

Over 150 recipes specifically developed for the programme. An online recipe and meal planning app, a personal resource dashboard where you can access downloadable nutrition guides, specialist coaching videos on topics like emotional eating and exercises to support your development.

Live cooking sessions where you'll get to join me and fellow members live in the kitchen (spoiler alert, these are great fun!), and you'll be invited to regular online meetups for you to reflect, chat and ask questions.

If you’re ready to take back your power around food and prioritise your well-being - this is for you!



Once you've completed the six steps, you'll be invited to stay on in the community so you can stay focused on your health goals. Ongoing access to all the programme materials, recipes and community resources plus A VIP pass to all the live events.




Your Investment in You

It took me 10 years to learn how to eat in a way that truly honours my metabolism and to heal my relationship with food - it will take you 12 weeks with this programme. In 12 weeks from now, you’ll have learned my entire 6-step method to improved metabolic health and healing your relationship with food - which means better energy, sleep, peace with food & enjoyment in your life!

The price of the programme is £447 for three months. You can choose to pay in one sum or in 3 monthly installments. After that, there is an option to stick around in the membership and have continued access to the programme content, live events and coaching for just £19.99 per month.

Pay in full


  • Access to all programme resources: coaching videos, worksheets, recipes, planning tools, audio files and apps.

  • At least 2 Live events a month: cooking and discussion.

  • Membership of a community of likeminded women.

  • Access to a library of recipes, guides, planners and workbooks.

  • Regular emails, communications and support to encourage you to stay focused on self care.


Pay monthly

OF £149

  • Access to all programme resources: coaching videos, worksheets, recipes, planning tools, audio files and apps.

  • At least 2 Live events a month: cooking and¬†discussion.
  • Membership of a community of likeminded women.

  • Access to a library of recipes, guides, planners and workbooks.

  • Regular emails, communications and support to encourage you to stay focused on self care.




  • For those who have completed the six month programme and want to stay focused on self-care

  • Access all areas pass to the programme content, community and coaching.

  • ¬†Member ticket for all live events.

  • Continued membership of the Non-Diet Method community.

  • Ongoing access to programme content.

  • One to one coaching



What's available to you when you join :

Nutrition Guides, Recipes and Planning Tools.

All the tools you need to eat for enjoyment, hormone balance and energy. Including, over 150 recipes, food and ingredients guides, helpful planning templates and advice on how to design your favourite meals around the principles

Community Membership

An invite to be part of our vibrant and inclusive community of like-minded women. Accountability, motivation and inspiration. Post your questions at any time and have them answered.

Live Events

Regular opportunities to meetup online and discuss your progress. Fun and interactive cooking sessions where you will learn how to create recipes and learn valuable batch cooking skills.

Personal Dashboard

Your space to login and learn. This is where you pick up your steps, watch pre-recorded coaching sessions and access your library of resources Including guides and workbooks covering everything you need to improve your metabolic health.

 This programme is for you if....

  • You're a busy woman, fed up of 'quick fixes' and trying to work out what to eat to manage your weight and feel better in yourself.
  • You are ready to create a positive shift in your relationship with food and improve your knowledge of how to care for yourself through your lifestyle habits.
  • You'd like to cut down¬†on processed food and be coached on how to make healthy eating easy.
  • You often feel like¬†you're failing and feel guilty and¬†annoyed with yourself for your lack of discipline.
  • You might be a little skeptical about starting a new health programme, but you're ready to make some changes to your routine.
  • You're committed to making changes to your diet and lifestyle practices - this is important, I only want to work with women who are ready to commit a little time to their well-being.


In a world full of misleading and confusing information on health, eating and diets, there is this gem called Josie Buck aka The Mindful Cook. Josie is supportive, kind and knowledgeable. If you want to change your relationship with food then this is your girl!”

How it works....


The Non-Diet Method is a community powered coaching programme. The community is where you'll learn to apply the coaching and nutrition strategies through the live events, challenges and conversations. Connect with a supportive community of like-minded women who have also chosen to break free from diet culture. Share your experiences, challenges, and triumphs as you build a healthier and more sustainable relationship with food.


Downloadable nutrition guides, mindset workbooks, meal planning tools, coaching videos, over 200 recipes, strength training programme guided meditations and much more to help you to design a healthy way of eating that works on your terms, change your mindset around food and develop a better relationship with your body.


Live events every month on Zoom: monthly cooking classes to help you to rediscover the pleasure of eating without guilt and truly nourish our body. Expert speakers on subjects related to female health and well-being, and eating psychology coaching with Josie. Plus the opportunity to be coached one to one through the community.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some of the questions members have asked me before enrolling - if you have a different question, I am very happy to answer it for you. You can email me on [email protected]