Heal your relationship with food and improve you metabolic health in 2024.

Scroll down to watch you free coaching session with food and eating psychology coach, Josie Jones.

Heal your relationship with food and improve you metabolic health in 2024.

Scroll down to watch you free coaching session with food and eating psychology coach, Josie Jones.

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I struggled with my relationship with food and my body for many years; diet culture passed down through generations; a stressful and busy career that left little time for nourishment; being led astray by weight loss diets thinking I was doing the right things. Along my path to healing my relationship with food I've learned valuable lessons - these are the realisations that have helped me to feel more energised, healthier and happier in my body than I have ever felt. This knowledge will support you in making the shifts your desire too.


Meet your coach


I'm Josie, Food and Eating Psychology Coach and founder of The Mindful Cook. I help savvy women, like you, to get off the diet treadmill once and for all and learn how to harness evidence-based practices that support you in feeling more energised, calmer and happier in your body.

What if, instead of restriction and willpower, you could learn to nourish your body in a way that works in harmony with your hormones and metabolism and supports lasting health and weight management? That's exactly what you will learn inside The Non-Diet Method.

The Non-Diet Method recommends an approach to nutrition that is designed to help regulate your hormones for energy, reduced fatigue, and ease around food. You'll be coached to truly understand your body's needs and how to meet them without strict rules. No more feeling deprived, scared of certain foods, or obsessing over numbers! 

I know it can be nerve wracking embarking on another health programme if you've been failed by diets - I've been there too - but unlike many other programmes, The Non-Diet Method is designed to build you up: build trust in yourself to make nourishing food choices, build a stronger connection with your body and build your confidence so that you feel empowered to make lifestyle choices that honour your health well beyond the programme. You're in good hands.


The Non Diet Method

6 Steps to metabolic health and healing your relationship with food. The Non-Diet Method is a community powered coaching programme that gives you everything you need to take back your power around food and prioritise your health. If you want to feel more energised, less tired, more balanced in your mood and better able to manage your weight with ease - this is for you!


Food designed to balance blood sugars, reduce inflammation in the body and promote healthy hormone function, all of which will help you to increase your energy levels, boost your mood and maintain a healthy weight.

Your nutrition is approached meal by meal so that you have an opportunity to learn how and why we balance each meal the way we do, you have time to explore and establish staples that work with your individual needs, tastes and metabolism. There are over 150 recipes and nutrition guides explained in language you will understand.


Unwanted food habits can hold you back from your wellness goals. This program provides you with the tools and strategies to identify and break with unwanted patterns of behaviour around food. Whether it's emotional eating or mindless snacking, you'll gain insight into the underlying triggers and be encouraged to develop healthier ways to cope and respond. 


You’ll get a better understanding of the relationship between  your nervous system and your metabolism and the role that stress hormones play in weight management. We spend time exploring these aspects of your health and allow you time to establish self-care practices that can support you in calming and regulating your nervous system





Client Results


"I feel I’ve learned so much from meeting Josie at a retreat when I desperately needed nourishment, to joining the Non-Diet Method. I am now the queen of batch cooking; I’ve learned to eat when I need to and listen to my body, rather than the clock and I chuck extra veg, lentils and beans in just about everything. I’m even growing spinach! Importantly though I’m no longer pre-diabetic and keep my blood sugar well within the ‘normal’ range".



"I've slept really well, had less mood fluctuations and generally feel calmer than I ever have. I've felt positive and even lost some weight which has been a great start in my journey".


"Thank you so much for all your education, help and support. I feel like I’ve learned a lot from the programme abut food, nutrition, and myself! I’ve also lost 10kgs since starting the programme, and am more or less managing to maintain that, despite being tempted to eat a bit more comfort food over the colder months".