The Nourish Dinner Method

Your fail-safe formula for creating fresh, nutritionally balanced and  nourishing dinners for 5 nights of the week in around 90 minutes in the kitchen.

Are you ready to make healthy week night dinners stress free?

Had enough of feeling overwhelmed trying to balance the demands of your busy life and also trying to eat well? Fed up of being the one who has to decide what’s for dinner? Imagine opening the fridge to a range of healthy, delicious dishes that you prepared a few days ago and just need to re-heat while you get your coat off and turn your attention to other things. The Nourish Dinner Method is your fail-safe formula for creating simple, healthy dinners for 5 nights of the week in around 90 minutes in the kitchen.


Meet your coach

I'm Josie. I'm a Food and Eating Psychology Coach and founder of The Mindful Cook. Cooking nourishing food for yourself is a true act of self-care. We know that what we eat can support the health of our hormones, help us to fight disease, supports the health of blood cells and organs, and there's a growing pool of research showing the relationship between food and mental health. And yet, over half of the foods we are consuming in the UK are ultra-processed providing us with little to no nutrients.

Cooking is my happy place. Sharing that joy with other women and showing you how you can put nutrition to work in your life simply and easily is one of my super powers. Eating for health doesn't have to be complicated, time consuming or expensive. It can be affordable, fun and downright tasty! Let me help you to take the stress and complication out of dinner time.





This will revolutionise your week-night dinner time. 


Less time searching for recipes, planning meals, preparing and cooking.  Less time stressing over dinners, more time in your evenings. More time to live your life.


Lower grocery bills with meticulously planned shopping lists, less food waste with everything planned and measured for you, eat for five nights of the week for around £30 for two.


Clever ways to balance nutrition so you can ditch the guilt about what you feed yourself and your family. Peace of mind from knowing that dinner time is sorted and you're eating well.

How does it work?

The foundation programme teaches you a method for creating fresh meals for 5 nights of the week in around 90 mins in the kitchen. There are 5 menus, each containing 3 main meals and 2 sides. You can mix and match the sides and there are serving suggestions for adding other foods to maintain variety. Every menu has the recipes, shopping list, equipment list, method and an on-demand video cook along so you can cook along with me anytime.

If you want to take it to the next level you can choose to join the membership and receive a new menu every month, be invited to cook the new menu along with Josie and other members live and become part of a vibrant community that will motivate you to keep going!

Save time and energy on weeknight dinners!

This programme provides you with carefully curated menus, shopping lists, equipment lists, recipes, method and on demand cook alongs - for a batch method that will give you delicious, budget friendly, 90% processed food free dinners for five nights of the week.

Family friendly, nutritionally balanced menus. 

All the recipes are designed by me with metabolic health in mind without compromising on flavour. Mix and match dishes that offer variety and nutrient density. Get the peace of mind from knowing you are feeding your family real, fresh food with their health in mind.

Reduce your weekly food bill and time spent in the kitchen.

Wholefood ingredients that are not expensive. Meticulously planned shopping lists, you’ll only buy what you need. More time and energy for the other things in your life.


What women are saying about the programme...



"Love love love this programme ♥️ I can't wait for food all week. We had the curry and some of the oven veg…delicious 😋"


"This method is the only routine that’ll work for me! I’ve tried so many different things such as cooking double and having left overs the next day but I never wanted to start cooking at 7pm. It felt very satisfying to see all the prepped dinner in the fridge! "

 What's on the menu....

The base programme has 5 delicious menus, that feed two people for five nights of the week. Quantities can be increased easily for a family of four or more. All menus have a variety of serving suggestions for you to maintain variety.
Plus! If you join the community you'll get fresh menus every month!
  • South American. This menu features: Smokey Burrito, Easy Veggie Chilli, Balsamic Chicken Traybake, Corn on the Cob and Simple Sauteed Greens.
  • Vegan: This menu features: Chickpea and Feta Shakshuka, Beans Puttanesca, Smokey Black Bean Burgers, Sweet Potato Wedges and Mange Tout and Sugar Snaps
  • Dahlicious: This menu features: Turmeric and Coconut Dahl, Baked Tomato and Pepper Rice, Persian Salmon, Sauteed Green Beans and Tenderstem.

  • Crowd Pleasers: This menu features: Creamy Chickpea Curry, Vegetable Pasta Bake, Asian-style Chicken Traybake, Roast Sweet Pepper and Courgette, Parmesan Roast Brussels

  • Mediterranean: This menu features: Rich Lentil Ragu, Vegetable paella,  Balsamic Chicken, Garlic Mushrooms, Roast Roots.
  • You can also mix and match any main meals and any sides

What's available to you when you join :

5 Menus and a chance to add more

Five different weeknight menus featuring three main courses and two sides. Designed for variety, nutritional balance and flavour. 90% vegetarian with serving suggestions to add meat, fish, tofu or other additions. Join the membership and you'll receive a new, carefully curated menus every month.

Recipes, shopping lists, equipment lists, method.

Each menu contains everything you need to create all the meals in around 90 minutes in the kitchen.

On-demand cook alongs

Each menu has a video cook along for you to cook as I cook. These are fun and informative and keep you company in the kitchen.

Join a vibrant community of healthy home cooks

If you choose to join the community, you'll get one new, expertly curated menu every month, membership to a community of like-minded women where you can benefit from ideas, recipes and inspiration, get your questions answered, and be invited to cook along live every month




Get Healthy Weeknight Dinners Sorted

Choose between the foundation programme with lifetime access to 5 delicious menus plans, or the foundation programme, plus membership to the community with new menus every month, an invitation to cook the new menu along with Josie and other members live monthly, the chance to get your questions answered and be inspired and supported to keep going!

The Nourish Dinner Method

Foundation Programme
One Payment - Life-time Access

  • Method tutorial
  • Cupboard staples list

  • Guide to containers

  • 5 Menus each featuring: Recipes, method, shopping list, equipment list on-demand cook along 


The Nourish Dinner Method and Community

£50 for the Foundation Programme
£14.97 thereafter for Monthly Membership

Save 25% on the foundation programme!
  1. Method tutorial
  2. Cupboard staples list

  3. Guide to containers

  4. 5 Menus each featuring: Recipes, method, shopping list, equipment list on-demand cook along 

  5. New menu every month.
  6. Invitation to monthly live cook alongs
  7. Membership to the community of health focused home cooks
  8. Get your questions answered and help with tweaking recipes to suit your preferences.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some of the questions I have been asked about the programme - if you have a different question, I am very happy to answer it for you. You can email me on [email protected]