Online Courses

Courses on emotional health and nourishing nutrition. All courses are an amalgamation of my training in eating psychology and applied nutrition, my personal experience of how to improve your relationship with food and my client work.


Overcome Emotional Eating

End the cycle of emotional eating and discover a more balanced relationship with food.

Learn the tools & techniques you need to break free from the guilt around food with this powerful self-paced, interactive course, as featured in Grazia magazine.

Price £117.


I have just completed the ‘Overcome Emotional Eating’ course. What a brilliantly constructed, informative and inspiring course. We often talk about emotional eating, but don’t ever take the time to examine our emotions and why certain situations trigger our responses. Broken into small units, the course helps you understand the why, how and crucially, the tactics you can put into place to help overcome any challenges you may face. The best thing is with the support videos and downloaded workbooks, you can take the course at your own pace and revisit the exercises as often as you need. I would highly recommend this course and taking the time to invest in yourself

Nutritionally Balanced Dinners Made Simple

Learn how to eat in a way that balances your blood sugars, supports your immunity & keeps you energised.

This practical online course teaches you my method for batch cooking healthy meals & sauces so you can stock up, plus a selection of nutritious and delicious dishes that you can cook fresh, from scratch in under 45 minutes. You’ll learn the knowledge, method, meal ideas & recipes to get healthy dinners on the table every night with ease, all with simple ingredients.

Price £67


The meal planner was easy to follow and I found the concept behind batching, bases and on the night meals a perfect way for me to construct an eating plan. The recipes are really easy to follow even for somebody like me who does not like to spend a lot of time in the kitchen. Love it!

Healthy MInd Healthy Body

The Healthy Mind, Healthy Body Programme

Do you want to feel happier with your weight, calmer in your mind and confident that you have healthy habits in place that you can stick to for life? This is a transformational online course teaching you the mindset, nutrition, lifestyle and well-being skills to vastly improve your emotional health and feel better in your body.

Join the waiting list for this exciting programme that starts again Autumn 2020

I would completely recommend this course to anyone who’s hit a brick wall when it comes to diets and weight loss.  Josie is so incredibly nurturing and is committed fully to helping you to overcome your personal barriers to getting healthy. The work I’ve done through this course is invaluable, it has benefited not only my health but the way I am in all walks of life. I am healthier, happier, more confident and truly optimistic about reaching my ultimate health goals. Each module is simple, effective and amazingly supported by Josie’s coaching and the community she has created. It’s one of the best decisions I’ve made and one of the easiest to recommend. Get on it!

Individual coaching sessions:

If you feel you would benefit from one to one coaching with me. Get in touch and we can discuss your individual requirements. I charge £60 for a 55 minute session.