Wondering why you can't shift stubborn weight? Read this...

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I am often asked the question – "I’m doing all the right things why am I not losing weight?"

You might be surprised to read that the overlooked factor is often stress. 

How are you managing the stressors in your life? How happy are your relationships? How busy/pressured is your day-to-day and how are you coping with the changes that inevitably happen for women as we go through life? 

As women's bodies change, particularly in late thirties forties and early fifties, many of us naturally start to become concerned about the way our bodies are changing. Maybe you become a little frustrated that you can’t manage your weight as easily as you used to. It’s very easy to attach to these thoughts, and your thoughts alone can activate the stress response, which activates a cascade of hormones that (among other things) influence the way your body burns and stores fat, your appetite and your digestion.

It's Not Just About Diet and Exercise:

Mindset Matters: Check in with your thoughts. Are you being kind to yourself, or are you beating yourself up about changes in your body? Body dissatisfaction and pressure to lose weight all contribute to a build up of emotion AKA stress.

Embodied Movement: Focus on truly being present in your movement practice. Avoid getting caught up in thoughts about changing your body - connect your mind and body through breath during movement practices and use that as an anchor to detach from thoughts. Check your jaw for signs of tension when you're working out. 

If you're stressed out already, consider opting for lower intensity exercises - moderate to high intensity exercise generates cortisol, which will add to your stress hormone load. 

Stress and digestion: Slow down and savor your meals. Avoid eating at your desk or from a packet, as stress can hinder digestion. Tune into how foods make you feel rather than fixating on numbers and portion sizes.

Mindful Device Use: While device-based health programs have their benefits, they can also be a source of stress. In the same way as I don’t recommend using numbers to evaluate food, I suggest that you don’t focus purely on data to evaluate your health. Tune into your body's cues, find a balance between technological insights and your innate instincts. 

Your body needs to be regulated and relaxed to support efficient metabolic health, so it's important for women to recognise the broader impact of stress on the body. 

I really encourage you to watch my free coaching session explaining how women are naturally more vulnerable to changes in sex, metabolic and stress hormones as we progress through life and the impact it has on your metabolism and your ability to manage your weight..

Inside the Non-Diet Method we explore nervous system regulation as one of the key steps toward building a picture of metabolic health. Come and join us.