How to manage your cravings with protein

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How to get protein into your meals

Getting a good portion of protein in your meals isn’t all about building muscle.

Macros are the major food groups. Getting a good balance and combination in every meal is key to so many aspects of the female metabolism, and protein really is queen.

You may have heard it said that protein is the building block of the body. It supports the immune system, hormones and muscle mass, and it also plays a key role in managing your appetite and reducing cravings.

Learning how to balance your plate is possibly the simplest and most effective way to eat in a way that promotes healthy blood glucose levels, healthy hormone balance and to manage your weight naturally without counting calories. Thinking about protein first is a great way for you to design delicious meals.

There are 9 essential amino acids that you need to get from protein in your diet. Each plays a significant role in everything from brain health and mood, to the elasticity of your skin.

How much protein do you need and where do you get it from?

To help you out I have come up with this simple, visual guide showing you foods in each group and a rough idea of how to split your plate. Lunch is often a meal that I get asked about in the Non-Diet Method,  so this gives you some ideas for that meal and can also give you an idea of how to split your plate for other meals too.

Think eggs, fish, poultry, lean meats, quinoa, pulses, cheese, tofu, nuts and seeds, and also try to get a good dose of healthy fat into each meal too (if you are worried about having fat in your diet, read my article about fats here) this will also help to balance your hormones support you in feeling fuller for longer. For a list of foods and some lunch ideas, take a look at my post on Instagram.

If you'd like some ideas for how and why you should get protein into your breakfasts, take a look at how I get protein into my porridge.